Shadow’s Depression

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Shadow’s Depression is a platformer and Metroidvania game where the player needs to confront his own fears and the depression that is inside of it. Put yourself on a journey fighting depression. Download-> Watch the trailer!

Balance Zone

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You’ve been invited to participate in the BalanceZone! Enter the arena, and choose PowerUps with a twist to aid your performance! Will you reach the end? How much money will you walk away with? Find out now! Download->

Brains Eden 2018

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  Hi there! On July 2018 I assisted to the 10th Anniversary of the Brains Eden Gamejam. I went with my classmates as a team full of programmers. It was an amazing experience were I learn a lot of project … Read More

The Magic Adventure

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The Magic Adventure is a small game created with Unreal Engine 4 and blueprints. This game was made for an assignment at the Games Programming course for SAE Institute London. The game consist in a maze, a platform part and … Read More


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Objective Control the paddle with the movements keys and do not let the ball pass through, destroy all the bricks to win the game. If the ball falls three times you loose the game. Controls A / Arrow left – … Read More