The learning curve

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After more than 1 year doing websites and a half year of pure PHP coding. I can say that I really advance in Object Oriented Programming.

The most important thing in all of this is that I love coding, I could sit down for hours to code and never realize that the time is passing by. The only thing is that whatever I am coding I have to be really interested on it. This is a demon for me, not being able to get involved in enrichment projects, just because I am not completely interested and knowing inside of me that I will not finish it.

This is the learning curve, when you sit down in front of yourself, and detect what is holding you to become that desired developer that you always wanted to be, where you are great, where you are the worst.


Let’s be honest here. No one in this world wants to do something that is not interested in. But, what happen when a project where we know we are going to learn some values for our future, stops in front of our eyes? Shall we sacrifice our joy for the profession in order to advance? My clear answer is no. This is a created and endless world, where opportunities will grow where we plant them. I will say, if this projects is not made for you, then go and find a one that suits you. Where you learn the skill and you enjoy learning.

In my modest opinion the profession that I choose to do for a living has to be something that I love, enjoy and absolutely I will go with a smile to it.

During the last 9 years I tried to learn many programming languages, C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript.. and I have develop a really good skill of reading any type or language of code. This has allowed me to be able to adapt quickly to the situation. At the moment I am a junior software developer. Learning PHP and C++ at the most, and all the years behind me has driven me to this exactly moment, where my coder mind is getting knowledge and actually being able to create software.


In the end, the learning curve is how you decide to do it, how much passion an effort you are willing to put on it; in the end is your learning curve.

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