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This is my goal: I want to do history in the videogames industry.

Pretty good goal right? Would you believe me if I tell you that will become true? Would you want something similar for yourself?

Well, I am not sure when this is going to be accomplished, but I am really sure that the journey will be fun and challenging.

Once I finish this course from SAE. I will try to get a job in Rocksteady Studios. This where the studio responsible for the Batman series, where the gameplay has amazed me game after game. That’s it, I want to be a gameplay programmer at the very start. It will allow me to learn more about game design, and gameplay design. I know this company can deliver the knowledge that I need and desire. I know this step will take a few years, there is no rush on getting this knowledge and the level that I want to get is really high, so I will need time.


Developing my game design skills will allow me to build my background to get my dream off. Do my own games and be published with a great success. I know this industry is hard, and obviously this steps has to be taken carefully, a bad videogame in my career will suppose a big step back on my goal. I would like to have a career of working in successful games.

There is a long journey ahead of me and I can not be more excited to start driving through it. Let’s make some videogames.



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