Dreaming of RockSteady Studios

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I had a dream of working with RockSteady Studios and here is the cover letter that I’ve made for a desired position.

Dear RockSteady Studios:
My name is Jesus Sanz and I’m a games developer.

I’m writing to you regarding the position for junior gameplay programmer that you are offering. I’m writing to you because I know that I am suitable for that position. Since I played the first Batman: Arkham Asylum I’ve been dreaming to work in your studio.

I think that you are the best on your field, the gameplays and the experiences that you create for the players are absolutely awesome and for that reason I want to be part of this team. I’ve got strong skills on unreal engine and C++; my hunger of learning and develop my career are limitless and I’m sure that working with you guys will make me reach my goals; deliver great experiences to the players.


Jesus Sanz.

Download this Cover Letter as PDF

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