A technologist since a young age with over ten years of professional experience in IT. A strong background in IT Support, working at the moment at Cardonet as a 2nd Line Engineer. A highly effective communicator derived from years of experience in customer service. From September 2017 I am at SAE Institute London coursing BSc (Hons) Games Programming. Actively learning C# and C++ programming to becoming a games developer as the same time developing an original game project with a small team as a Programer and Designer. Able to speak three languages: English, Spanish and Catalan.


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Brains Eden 2018

  Hi there! On July 2018 I assisted to the 10th Anniversary of the Brains Eden Gamejam. I went with my classmates as a team full of programmers. It was an amazing experience... Read More

The Magic Adventure

The Magic Adventure is a small game created with Unreal Engine 4 and blueprints. This game was made for an assignment at the Games Programming course for SAE Institute London. The game consist... Read More